About Us

The Di Tullio family have been farmers for over 200 years, originally serving as farmers to local noble families in the region.

After years of hard work and sacrifice, and the added benefit of agricultural reforms, the Di Tullio family were able to found their own family run farm, Fattoria di Tullio.

As with many family run farms in Loreto Aprutino, the farm started with olive tree cultivation before expanding in the early 1900’s to include vegetable and grain cultivation. Following a marriage between Roberto and Rosanna, further plots of land were added to the farm which included fruit and vegetables cultivations that were known throughout Italy for their high quality and taste.

Today, Fattoria Di Tullio is continually improving and expanding to ensure we carry on this tradition of hard work and sacrifice to produce the finest vegetables, fruit and grain.

In addition to maintaining a high standard of cultivation, we have also started the production of our own range of food products using the very ingredients we grow.